About us

a bit of our story

FFO is a national industry and those of us who are part of it are proud of it. Our manufacturing plant is located in the town of San Carlos Sud, Santa Fe, Argentina.

FFO was definitively approved by SENASA in 2007, after years of research and development, in which we had the invaluable collaboration of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. Since then, we have not stopped growing at a steady pace. Today, FFO is used in all productive regions of the country and also in Europe, in all types of crops, both extensive and intensive.

We have more than a thousand clients throughout the republic. Some apply FFO because they certify their production as organic and need an input approved according to the standards, others because they have their plots in peri-urban areas and must preserve the health of their neighbors, others—the vast majority—only because we were able to show them that the cost ratio -The benefit of using FFO was much greater than its conventional management. All of them, without a doubt, use FFO because they have proven that it improves their performance and quality, and therefore their profits.