About us

A summary of our history

FFO is an Argentine industry, which makes us especially proud. Our production plant is located in San Carlos Sud, province of Santa Fe, Argentine Republic.

FFO was fully approved by SENASA in 2007, after years of research and development for which we counted on the invaluable support of Universidad Nacional del Litoral, in Santa Fe, Argentina. Since then, we kept on growing on steady steps. Today, FFO is used in every productive region of the country and also in Europe, on all kinds of both intensive and extensive crops.

We have more than a thousand clients throughout the country. Some of them apply FFO
because they certify their production as organic and they need a supply that complies with norms; others choose it because they have their fields near urban areas and must preserve people’s health; and others —the great majority— do it just because they find out that the relationship cost-benefit is superior when applying FFO than when handling their crops conventionally. All of them certainly use FFO because they proved that the product improves their yields, quality, and —consequently— profits.