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FFO is a liquid biologic amendment, that enhance the quality, nutrition & perform of your crops.

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  • Improve your efficiency

Greater performance, health and quality

FFO is a complete consortium of microorganisms to produce more and better.

Approved as an input for organic production, both in Argentina and in the European Economic Community.

Suitable for applications in rural, peri-urban and even urban areas.

  • Biologic & Safe

Efficient and safe production

FFO is a liquid biological amendment that enhances all plant processes:

  • root development
  • nutrition
  • sprouting
  • bloom
  • curdled
  • stress resistance

In addition, it stimulates the defenses of crops against insect attacks and diseases, generating a significant increase in yield and quality.

  • Easy application

Adaptable to any handling

The preparation of FFO is complex, but it is easy to apply.

It can be used foliarly with any method (backpack, ground equipment, plane, etc.) and also by irrigation systems.



Increases crop yield and quality


Stimulates root development and sprouting.


It contributes to the nutrition process by making organic matter available.


It also helps with the biological fixation of nitrogen.


It stimulates the plant’s natural defenses, thereby reducing dependence on phytosanitary products.


Helps reduce damage from phytopathogenic fungi and insects, without affecting beneficial ones


Improves fruit set and quality and grains/seeds.


Relieves the consequences of stress, whether due to temperature or humidity.


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